Community-driven travel

Dtravel is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). A DAO model empowers community members to make decisions that guide the platform.

How it works

A community for every host and guest

Anyone holding the TRVL token is a member of the Dtravel community. There are many benefits to a community-controlled structure, including:

Lower fees

Lower fees for both hosts and guests.

More payment options

Hosts can accept cryptocurrencies, traditional payments or both, providing more payment options to guests.

Giving users a voice

The community votes on initiatives, allowing them to guide the growth of the platform.

Everyone wins

For the benefit of all hosts and guests

Instead of sky-high commissions, transaction fees on Dtravel are set at 5%, which are held in a community-governed treasury and used to grow the ecosystem. This means it costs less for guests to book stays and hosts retain more earnings for accommodating guests.

Additionally, hosts and guests are able to enjoy unrestricted, peer-to-peer communications between each other, ensuring a direct relationship is maintained without third-party interference throughout the entire experience.

The TRVL token and the decentralized organizational structure ensure the economic interests of all members are valued.

How it works

Any member of the Dtravel DAO can submit proposals on how to improve the Dtravel platform, vote on proposals and participate in other activities that benefit all members. For more details, check out our whitepaper.

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