Building Trust and Confidence with Dtravel Direct's New "Trust Signals" Feature

Let your guests know you're real. Get more bookings by adding Trust Signals to your direct booking site.

Building Trust and Confidence with Dtravel Direct's New "Trust Signals" Feature

In the world of vacation rentals, establishing trust is a crucial factor for both property managers and prospective guests. This is especially true when it comes to direct bookings, which is why we’re excited to announce a new feature available to all Dtravel Direct customers.

Enhance the transparency and credibility of your booking site with Dtravel Direct’s latest feature, “Trust Signals”.

What is the Trust Signals Feature?

The Trust Signals feature is a new update that automatically provides an extra layer of reputation-based authenticity to your direct booking site.

Since Dtravel Direct is designed to empower direct booking success, property managers can’t rely on the credibility of a third-party brand like Airbnb to convert guests. Instead the onus is on the property manager to establish their own brand and earn the trust of guests. For property manager’s new to direct bookings, this can be a challenge, which is why we’ve implemented a new feature to help operators get started!

Trust and Safety Signals as seen on

Dtravel Direct’s new Trust Signals feature was created to anticipate objections and increase booking conversion by helping guests feel comfortable booking directly, even if the site is missing key branding elements such as a logo and self-hosted domain.

By displaying a site creation date, contact details and external accounts such as a Google Business Profile and Airbnb Profile, the new Trust and Safety Signals feature helps prospective guests make an informed decision on whether or not they feel comfortable with booking directly.

The Benefits of Trust Signals

The Trust Signals feature allows property managers to integrate links to their external accounts, including Google Business, Airbnb, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram profiles. Displaying these accounts adds social proof and enables prospective guests to cross-reference information, read reviews, and gain a deeper understanding of your business before making a booking.

Easily add external accounts to establish trust and increase conversion with Dtravel Direct.

Enhanced Transparency

In an effort to foster trust, the feature displays details such as when the booking site was created, a contact phone number, and an email address. These essential pieces of information are prominently showcased on the homepage and within the About section, ensuring transparency from the outset.

Link your Airbnb profile and use your hosting history to your advantage.

Automatic Activation and How to Disable

The Trust Signals feature is automatically enabled for all Dtravel Direct users. However, should any Dtravel Direct customer wish to turn off this feature, they can do so by first adding a self-hosted domain.

Show guests you're a professional. Add a self-hosted domain to build your brand.

The Importance of a Self-Hosted Domain:

Dtravel Direct customers can toggle off the Trust Signals feature simply by adding a self-hosted domain.

Add a self-hosted domain to disable Trust Signals.

A self-hosted domain provides a unique and professional identity to your direct booking site, reinforcing the legitimacy of your vacation rental business. It not only improves discoverability (e.g. imagine a guest Googling your brand name after browsing your Airbnb listing), but contributes to a business’ credibility, letting prospective guests know that the booking site they are viewing is run by a business that takes their reputation and quality of service seriously.

Conclusion: Add Trust Signals to Your Booking Site

In the competitive landscape of vacation rentals, trust is the currency that drives success. With Dtravel Direct's latest "Trust Signals" feature, property managers now have a powerful tool to build confidence in prospective guests. By seamlessly integrating external account links and essential details, this feature helps property managers get started in direct bookings, especially if they just launched a new site and are in the process of building their brand.

Take the next step in fortifying your vacation rental business—begin adding external links to optimize your Trust Signals. Want to continue leveling up professionalism? Add a self-hosted domain to optimize for both discoverability and credibility. Take advantage of Dtravel Direct’s new Trust and Safety Signals feature and make it easy for guests to feel confident in booking directly with you.

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