Direct Booking Vacation Rental Marketing Guide - Part 3: How to Create a Logo for Your Vacation Rental Business

Learn why you should create a professional logo and how it can help your vacation business stand out in a crowded market, offering potential guests a trustworthy alternative to the established OTA (online travel agency) brands like Airbnb and Vrbo.

Direct Booking Vacation Rental Marketing Guide - Part 3: How to Create a Logo for Your Vacation Rental Business

Introduction: Creating a Logo for Your Property and Vacation Rental Brand

Having a strong and recognizable brand is essential for any business looking to stand out from the competition. For vacation rental operators and short-term rental property managers, developing a brand and logo can be a powerful way to attract more direct bookings from travelers. A professional logo helps your vacation business stand out in a crowded market, offering potential guests a trustworthy alternative to the established OTA (online travel agency) brands like Airbnb and Vrbo.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how creating a logo can transform your vacation rentals into a cohesive brand that resonates with travelers. We’ll look at:

  1. The benefits of having a strong brand and logo
  2. Tips for designing an effective logo
  3. Free and paid logo maker tools
  4. Ways to use your logo to market vacation rentals

With a customized logo that represents your brand story and values, you can boost direct bookings and create lasting relationships with guests.

Why a Strong Brand and Logo is Important to the Success of Your Vacation Rental Business

Operating a vacation rental business means you’re facing tough competition, especially when it comes to direct bookings, which is why building a strong brand is no longer optional - it's a necessity. A brand is more than just a name and logo. It encompasses your reputation, theme, values, tone, and image.

As we’ve discussed in our previous post, an well-crafted brand offers many advantages:

  • It differentiates you from competitors: With a flood of alternatives, a brand makes your direct booking business stand out and gives guests a reason to choose you.
  • Attracts your ideal customers: A brand draws in travelers who connect with your unique identity, style and messaging.
  • Builds trust and loyalty: Consistent branding that delivers on your promises fosters returning guests who trust you to provide a quality experience.
  • Enhances visibility: A logo, distinctive imagery and styling gives potential guests something recognizable to latch onto, keeping your brand top-of-mind.
  • Reflects professionalism: Polished, thoughtful branding conveys you are a business that travelers can not only feel comfortable booking with, but can rely on.
  • Sets you apart from casual operators: Strong branding will make your vacation rental listings visibly distinct, especially when other options are presented.
  • Enables premium pricing: A compelling brand can often justify higher rental rates.

The goal is to develop a brand identity that encapsulates the look, feel, emotions, and essence of your ideal vacation experience. This provides a platform to attract your perfect guests.

Understanding the Difference Between Logos, Wordmarks and Icons

When designing a visual identity for your vacation rental brand, it helps to understand the distinction between the different types of logos available:


A logo incorporates both text and graphic elements, often combining a business name with a symbol or image. The text and image are designed to complement each other and can appear separately or together in marketing. Logos convey the overall spirit of a brand.


A wordmark or logotype logo consists solely of the company name designed in a unique stylized font and arrangement. The emphasis is on stylizing the name itself to express the brand. Wordmarks work well when a business name is distinctive enough to highlight alone.


An icon relies entirely on an image or graphic to symbolize a brand. Icons are a bold yet simple way to visualize a brand in situations where brevity is key, like mobile sites or small ad spaces. Common icon types include monograms of initials or abstract symbols.

While a text-only wordmark or standalone icon can work for some brands, most vacation rental companies will benefit from the versatility of a full logo. Having both graphical and textual components in your logo allows you to maximize brand recognition across every touchpoint and make a strong visual impact on potential guests browsing listings or your website.

Your logo brings your brand to life visually. As it will appear on your website, listings, signs, merchandise, and marketing materials, thoughtfully considering your logo design is a must.

Follow these tips for maximizing your logo’s impact:

  • Reflect your brand identity: Your logo should communicate your brand’s defining traits, personality, and uniqueness at a glance.
  • Consider your location: Incorporate something that ties back to your vacation rental’s setting like landmarks, foliage, or architecture.
  • Use appropriate fonts and colors: Choose font styles and colors that reinforce the emotions you want to convey.
  • Keep it simple: Opt for clean, straightforward designs that are easily recognizable and reproducible at any size.
  • Make it versatile: A logo should work equally well digitally and in print, in color or black and white.
  • Pick a style: Consider a typographic, abstract, mascot, lettermark, pictorial or combination logo style.
  • Be distinctive: Avoid clichéd travel images and overused vacation rental themes to stand apart.
  • Check competitors: Research competitors to ensure your logo is sufficiently differentiated within your local area.
  • Consider scalability: Design a logo that functions well as a small icon and blown up on a large sign or banner.
  • Putting thought into what makes your vacation rentals special, beloved by guests and different from alternatives will lead to an authentic, memorable logo.

Free and Paid Logo Design Tools

You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to create a quality logo these days. There are many free and inexpensive logo makers that allow you to easily develop and customize logo designs.

Here are some top options:

  1. Canva: User-friendly design platform with a huge selection of free templates, fonts, shapes and graphics.
  2. Adobe Express: Allows you to remix and customize logo templates or start from scratch.
  3. Looka: AI-powered logo maker that provides genre-specific samples to edit.
  4. GraphicSprings: Generates hundreds of logo ideas tailored to your business name and profile.

Tailor Brands: Affordable logo design service starting at $2.99 for custom-made concepts.

Designhill: Get original logo designs from thousands of professional designers starting at $99.

99designs: Run a logo design contest and get entries from global designers from $299.

Fiverr: Hire freelance graphic designers to create custom logo designs at reasonable rates.

The investment in a paid logo design service can pay off by yielding a higher-quality logo fine-tuned to your brand. But free tools allow you to experiment and iterate until you create a logo you love.

Ways to Use Your Logo to Market You Direct Booking Business’ Short-Term Rentals

Once you’ve created your new logo, it’s time to put it to work attracting travelers. Consistently displaying your logo across marketing channels strengthens brand recognition.

Here are impactful ways to leverage your logo:

  • Display prominently on your direct booking site. If you’re using Dtravel Direct to power your direct booking site then you can upload a logo by navigating to Settings.
  • Swap your OTA (Airbnb, Vrbo & profile picture with your new vacation rental brand logo.
  • Add your new logo to all your social channels by replacing your profile picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  • Upload your logo to your Google Business profile to instantly spread brand awareness.
  • Feature on custom welcome packets, tags, and printed collateral. When guests first enter your vacation rental, your logo reinforces arrival.
  • Include on email newsletters, promotions and email signature. Newsletter logos boost open rates.
  • Add to any native ads, PPC ads, retargeting ads, social ads and online listings. Multiplies brand impressions.
  • Illustrate in content marketing and blogs. Sprinkle in your logo to amplify messaging.

From the initial guest inquiry to departure and beyond, displaying your logo consistently will keep your vacation rental brand top of mind and prompt direct bookings.

Summary: Creating a Logo for Your Short-term Rental Business

Developing a strong brand identity and logo provides tremendous upside for vacation rental operators and managers aiming to boost direct bookings. With endless options for travelers, having a polished brand helps your vacation rentals make an impactful first impression online and forges ongoing relationships.

A thoughtfully designed logo that encapsulates your unique vacation rental experience is the cornerstone of your branding. Take advantage of free or low-cost logo design tools to bring your brand concept to life, then showcase your new logo across marketing channels to maximize visibility.

With the right strategic brand-building, a logo will help attract your ideal audience over alternative options and transform first-time guests into devoted brand ambassadors.

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