Dtravel Adds Airbnb Sync to Bring the Vacation Rental Industry On-Chain

We’re excited to announce that any Airbnb host can now add their listings to the Dtravel network and begin earning rewards by importing and syncing their Airbnb account.

Dtravel Adds Airbnb Sync to Bring the Vacation Rental Industry On-Chain

We’re excited to announce that any Airbnb host can now create a free direct booking site, connect to the Dtravel network and begin earning rewards in minutes by simply syncing their Airbnb account. This game-changing update is set to streamline onboarding to the Dtravel network, unlocking a seamless way for Airbnb hosts to bring their business on-chain and begin their journey toward peer-to-peer bookings, operational sovereignty, and data ownership.

Streamlining Connectivity, Data Accessibility and Ownership

The vacation rental industry today is a complex web of intermediaries, each requiring unique APIs and connections. Not only does this stifle innovation, but it results in excessive fees for both vacation rental operators and travelers. Dtravel is solving for this by leading the development of the Nite Protocol, a revolutionary approach to connectivity and data accessibility. The Nite Protocol is the foundation to the Dtravel ecosystem. It powers transparent and secure peer-to-peer booking contracts and serves as a decentralized data layer for anyone to access and build upon.

For Airbnb hosts, the Nite Protocol creates a path toward operational sovereignty and data ownership. Apps built on the Nite Protocol, like Dtravel’s website builder, not only enable bookings without intermediaries, but they empower vacation rental operators with ownership over their on-chain booking data, and soon reviews and reputation.

Why is this important? If you’ve built your entire business on a centralized marketplace and one day you want to leave or worse, get deplatformed, then you start over and lose your hard earned reputation. Using the Nite Protocol, however, it's the opposite. You always have complete ownership and can move your business to another platform and continue uninterrupted.

Onboarding the vacation rental industry, an sector expected to reach $315B by 2033,  to this powerful concept while growing a network of listings that can be booked peer-to-peer is a major initiative for Dtravel. The latest Airbnb Sync update is an unlock to making this happen. Applications like Dtravel benefit small and medium sized vacation rental businesses, because they offer an easy way to adopt the Nite Protocol, which puts control back into the hands of vacation rental operators. Combining the Nite Protocol with Dtravel’s low cost tooling, the first peer-to-peer metasearch for vacation rentals and an ever expanding partner distribution hub, makes the offer difficult to pass on.

Who Can Use This?

Through Dtravel’s latest integration, any Airbnb host can now easily create a free direct booking site powered by Dtravel and access a completely new segment of travelers by adding their listings to the Dtravel network and partner distribution hub in just a few clicks.

The new integration is for:

  • Anyone who owns or manages Airbnb listings.
  • Anyone with Airbnb listings who also uses a PMS (property management system) that is not yet integrated with Dtravel.

What Are The Benefits?

Dtravel’s new Airbnb Import and Sync streamlines onboarding to the Dtravel ecosystem.

Airbnb hosts can now easily gain access to:

  • Direct booking site: Airbnb hosts can create a free direct booking site (or single listing page), enabling peer-to-peer fiat and/or crypto bookings.
  • Partner distribution hub: Listings will be eligible for distribution through Dtravel’s partner distribution hub, which currently includes Google Vacation Rentals and soon Travala.com.
  • Reduced onboarding friction: Anyone can import their Airbnb account, whether or not their Airbnb is already connected to a channel manager.
  • Ongoing sync: Ensures ongoing sync of static or dynamic content, rates, and availability, eliminating the need for iCal import from Airbnb calendars and manual price updates on Dtravel.
  • TRVL rewards: After adding their properties to the Dtravel network, Airbnb hosts will be eligible to begin earning TRVL rewards every time they process a completed peer-to-peer booking.
  • Guest screening & $5M damage protection plan: Through Dtravel’s partnership with SuperHog, Airbnb hosts can protect their properties and better evaluate new guests by adding guest screening and damage protection to listings.
  • Data ownership & operational sovereignty: The Dtravel ecosystem is built on the Nite Protocol, a decentralized data layer for empowering vacation rental operators with greater control and ownership over their businesses.  

Join the Dtravel Rewards Program

This integration marks a significant advancement for vacation rental operators, making it easier than ever to add their properties to the Dtravel network and expand their reach through multiple distribution channels. This creates an exciting opportunity for the entire Dtravel community as shortly, TRVL rewards will be distributed to members who successfully refer Airbnb hosts and this integration makes it easy for those referees to onboard.

Want to participate in growing a peer-to-peer vacation rental ecosystem while earning significant value in return? Keep an eye out for the launch of Dtravel’s Rewards program. Launching soon.

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