Dtravel Direct Affiliate Program: Earn from Vacation Rental Bookings

Become a Dtravel Direct Affiliate and earn a commission from completed bookings processed by your referrals.

Dtravel Direct Affiliate Program: Earn from Vacation Rental Bookings

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the Dtravel Direct Affiliate Program, a new initiative enabling anyone to earn from vacation rental referral commissions.

Are you a content creator, community leader or educator passionate about the vacation rental industry? Do you have an audience of short-term and mid-term rental operators who would like to earn more profits through direct bookings? Start earning competitive referral commissions and contribute to the growth of the #bookdirect movement by leveraging your audience!

Apply to become a Dtravel Direct Affiliate here.

What Can I Earn from the Dtravel Direct Affiliate Program?

Earn 50% of our revenue on every completed booking processed by an operator who created a site using your referral link.

For example:

You apply to become a Dtravel Direct Affiliate and are approved. After registering, you share your personal referral link with your audience on TikTok. One of your followers runs a successful Airbnb business, but does not yet have a direct booking site nor do they have exposure to Google Vacation Rentals. After hearing your compelling pitch, this follower clicks your link and creates a booking site powered by Dtravel Direct.

After a couple of days, they process a booking through their Dtravel Direct booking site worth $5,000 in total. Since they signed up using your link, you earn a $75 commission for that completed booking.

Later that day, the same property manager receives a completed booking through Google Vacation Rentals for $2,000, earning you $30 in commission revenue. In this example, you’ve made $105 from that one follower just for sharing your link!

How Can I Apply to Become a Dtravel Direct Affiliate?

The Dtravel Direct Affiliate Program is open to all Dtravel community members, but since this is a new program we will only be letting a few members participate at a time so that we can ensure a smooth rollout.

Apply: Become a Dtravel Direct Affiliate

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