Dtravel is Tokenizing Vacation Rental Bookings on Polygon PoS with its v3 Smart Contract Upgrade

Dtravel is bringing real world assets on-chain to Polygon PoS by tokenizing vacation rental bookings with v3 Smart Contract upgrade.

Dtravel is Tokenizing Vacation Rental Bookings on Polygon PoS with its v3 Smart Contract Upgrade

We’re excited to announce that Dtravel is now tokenizing all vacation rental bookings, bringing real world value on-chain to Polygon PoS.

Our decision to build on Polygon PoS is a result of our much anticipated Dtravel Direct Smart Contract upgrade, which brings new utility to Dtravel’s direct booking product suite for vacation rental operators. As a result of the upgrade, Nite Tokens, an ERC-721 representation of a property night, are transferred from the operator’s smart contract to the guest’s wallet using the Polygon PoS network, a highly scalable, EVM compatible chain with fast transactions at near-zero gas fees.

The tokenization of vacation rental bookings will bring unparalleled flexibility to the booking process. For travelers, it means the possibility to securely sell or transfer their reservation through a peer-to-peer marketplace, in the event that a booking can no longer be fulfilled, offering a level of adaptability that traditional booking systems simply cannot match. For operators, Nite Tokens ensure cash flow security and the potential for new revenue streams via secondary sales. Finally, Nite Tokens open up the possibility for new DeFi markets and innovative business models, including collateralized arbitrage.

The introduction of Nite Tokens is just one part of a broader vision. Dtravel is leading the charge on developing the Nite Protocol, the world's first open standard booking protocol tailored for the vacation rental industry. Aimed at tackling the inefficiencies and fragmentation within the industry, the Nite Protocol will provide a single API connection for listing and booking data, cutting through redundant data and costly API connections. This initiative is set to revolutionize the industry, creating a unified system where data is transparent, accurate, and easily accessible, significantly lowering the barriers to innovation within the sector.

Read the full announcement press release here.

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