Dtravel Launches $5M Damage Protection Plan and Free Guest Screening for Direct Bookings

We’re pleased to announce that all Dtravel Direct users now have the ability to turn-on Guest Screening and Damage Protection.

Dtravel Partners with Superhog to bring $5M Damage Protection and Free Guest Screening to their direct booking site offering

We’re pleased to announce that all Dtravel Direct customers now have the ability to turn-on Guest Screening and add a Damage Protection Plan. Our latest integration with risk management platform, Know Your Guest by Superhog, , brings peace of mind to property managers worried about the risks of direct bookings – like “bad” guests and property damage – and not having the protection of an OTA (online travel agency).

Over the last couple of months, Trust & Safety (T&S) has become a recurring topic of discussion between property managers and the Dtravel team. One of the biggest hurdles holding property managers back from building or expanding their direct booking business is concern around protection for damages that may occur during a booking. This is often why property managers use OTAs even though they would prefer that guests booked directly. Finding a solution is critical to property managers to fully embrace direct bookings. To eliminate these concerns, Dtravel has partnered with Know Your Guest, an industry leader in short-term rental trust and protection, to seamlessly provide unmatched damage protection coverage and service to all Dtravel Direct customers, should they choose to use it.

Guest Screening and Damage Protection Plan for Dtravel Direct booking sites

Benefits to Property Managers

Guest Screening

Any property manager powering their vacation rental site with Dtravel Direct can now turn on Guest Screening, free of charge. When activated, Guest Screening acts as a safeguard to prevent fraudulent or suspicious bookings. Guest Screening provides property managers with the confidence that their guests are who they say they are, as well as reducing party bookings, criminal activity, malicious damage and fraudulent activity (i.e. chargebacks, through the information gathered on guests). Once a booking is made by a guest, their information is independently verified by Know Your Guest’s Intelligent Guest Screening technology. The booking will then receive a Pass, Fail, or Pending Review status.

$5M Damage Protection Plan

In addition to Guest Screening, our latest integration also allows property managers to turn on Damage Protection Plan for just $12 USD per stay when they also have Guest Screening enabled. Since the Damage Protection Plan is turned on at the listing level, property managers can choose which properties they would like protection added.

If a property manager receives a booking that results in a failed screening, the booking will no longer be protected by Know Your Guest, and the property manager will be refunded the $12 fee for that booking and can elect to cancel the booking.

In the event that a property manager needs to file a resolution, they will have up to 10 days following the guest’s checkout to do so. All property managers with the Damage Protection Plan activated will be protected up to $5,000,000 for verified short-term rental bookings.

How to Activate

Property managers powering their direct booking site with Dtravel Direct can activate Guest Screening and add the Damage Protection Plan by navigating to the “Listings” module on the left hand side of their dashboard.

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