Dtravel Partners with PMS Provider Uplisting

We’re delighted to announce that we recently partnered with Uplisting, the second property management system (PMS) to be integrated into Dtravel.

Dtravel Partners with PMS Provider Uplisting

We’re delighted to announce that we recently partnered with Uplisting, the second property management system (PMS) to be integrated into Dtravel. Founded in 2016 in New York, Uplisting helps some of the largest short-term rental businesses manage and automate their operations, with over 14,000 properties currently using the solution.

Uplisting joins Hostaway as the latest PMS option on Dtravel, extending the connectivity choices available for short-term rental operators to join our web3 travel ecosystem. Since short-term rental operators currently need to use a PMS provider to list their properties on Dtravel, we’re continuing to explore further partnerships with leading PMS providers.

In this article, we’ll go over what Uplisting offers, what type of operator it is an ideal solution for, how it fits into our overall strategy, and how to get started using it.

To help short-term rental operators start experiencing the benefits of web3 listings powered by Dtravel, Uplisting is offering a 14-day free trial and 50% off the first 6-months for all short-term rental operators with four or less properties.

Get started with Dtravel by signing up with Uplisting here.

What Does Uplisting Offer?

Uplisting is a property management system for vacation rental owners, operators and managers that automates daily tasks, saving operators like you hours every day.

Uplisting helps you grow revenue in three ways:

  • First, by making your listing visible to millions of travelers on the world’s top booking sites via Uplisting’s integration as a Google Vacation Rental Connected Partner.
  • Second, by helping you power up your own direct booking engine (e.g. via Dtravel) and become less reliant on booking sites.
  • Third, by empowering you to add more properties through time-saving automation.

The Uplisting software contains a range of useful features that enable you to:

  • Consolidate bookings in one place with the powerful multi-calendar
  • Keep all guest messages in a single unified inbox
  • Automate messaging, reviews, cleaning scheduling and more
  • Verify guest identity and collect security deposits
  • Integrate with hundreds of apps and partners
  • Set lead time rate rules (last-minute discounts)
  • Automatically account for channel commission with smart pricing
  • Have your guests sign an eSignature rental agreement

Who is Uplisting Best Suited For?

Uplisting is ideal for short-term rental operators with four or less properties. With their 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and easy signup, getting started with Uplisting doesn’t involve a lengthy onboarding process like many other PMS providers.

As a bonus special offer, Uplisting is providing all operators powering their direct booking site with Dtravel and who have four or less properties a 50% discount for 6 months!

To find out more about pricing, use the slider on Uplisting’s pricing page to select the number of properties you have and see the corresponding cost per month.

How Does a PMS Fit into Dtravel?

To use Dtravel, short-term rental operators currently need to be registered with a supported PMS provider. Using a PMS is a starting point on Dtravel’s journey to decentralization — our immediate goal is to make adding Dtravel into operator’s current workflows as simple and seamless as possible.

Since short-term rental operators are already busy running their short-term rental businesses, a PMS conveniently enables you to effortlessly switch on Dtravel and list all your properties without having to create specific listings for each property. Additionally, a PMS prevents short-term rental operators who list on multiple booking channels from running into double-booking problems or issues related to calendar availability.

A quick and simple listing process drastically reduces the onboarding burden, encouraging short-term rental operators to try Dtravel (including those who may not have heard of Dtravel or web3 before). Short-term rental operators can then experience Dtravel and the benefits of on-chain bookings without any interruption or change to their existing way of managing listings and bookings.

Already with Uplisting or Hostaway and ready to try Dtravel? Check out our guides below on how to connect with each of our supported PMS partners:

How to connect to Dtravel with: Uplisting

How to connect to Dtravel with: Hostaway

How Are Short-term Rental Operators Driving Bookings with Dtravel?

As is the case with traditional direct booking sites, short-term rental operators are currently in control of driving their own traffic to their Dtravel listings. This can be done through paid advertising, social media, mobile marketing, email marketing, and promoting your Dtravel profile to guests within your property on a printout, to name a few strategies.

Some of Dtravel’s earliest adopters are already saving on fees, increasing their revenue, and earning TRVL token rewards simply by sending their Dtravel-powered listing links to existing guests who would like to extend their stay and to returning guests who want to rebook.

The overarching goal of Dtravel is to build a web3 travel ecosystem, a key part of which involves interconnecting listings in a metasearch engine that allows guests to easily discover properties around the world. Dtravel’s metasearch experience for guests will drive demand and help with listing discovery, all without the need for an intermediary.

The metasearch function will pull in results for all direct booking sites (think Skyscanner) with the ability for guests to search for Dtravel-powered listings specifically. This doesn’t make Dtravel an intermediary, as the booking is facilitated between the short-term rental operator and guest directly via smart contract. The intention is to empower all short-term rental operators with direct booking sites—not just Dtravel direct booking listings—to be able to grow their businesses, because we believe that direct bookings are what is best for the industry in the long run.

Signup for Uplisting

To get started with Uplisting, sign up for a free 14-day trial here. Once registered, follow these steps to connect your properties to Dtravel.

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