Dtravel Partners with RentalWise to Offer Exclusive Host Discount

Exclusive to Dtravel, users that activate RentalWise will receive a free 14-day trial and 50% off for an entire year from as little as $7.50/month for one property.

Dtravel Partners with RentalWise to Offer Exclusive Host Discount

We’re excited to announce the latest property management system (PMS) to integrate with Dtravel. Coming off the heels of our partnership with Uplisting and Hostaway, RentalWise is the third PMS to integrate into the Dtravel ecosystem.

RentalWise, a powerful end-to-end property management platform, built an integration using Dtravel’s OpenAPI. With this partnership, hosts and property managers have an effective PMS option to manage their businesses using Dtravel’s innovative direct booking infrastructure.

Exclusive to Dtravel, users that activate RentalWise via this link will receive a free 14-day trial and 50% off for an entire year from as little as 7.50 EUR/month for one property. The 50% discount will be applied prior to the first billing cycle and is available to property managers of all sizes. See RentalWise’s pricing for multiple properties here.

Tip: In most jurisdictions, short-term rental business can deduct software costs like RentalWise from taxable income. In addition, the fees saved from using Dtravel could more than cover the costs after only a few bookings.

What Does RentalWise Offer?

Founded in 2018, RentalWise helps property managers simplify the complex processes of the vacation rental industry. With over 20 years’ experience, the RentalWise team offers businesses an end-to-end platform designed to manage every detail of each property.

Built to scale and grow, RentalWise comes equipped with a channel manager, enabling short-term rental operators to access popular third-party booking platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, the extended Vrbo network, and now Dtravel.

With just one click, operators can import their listings from Airbnb and launch their Dtravel-powered direct booking site in minutes.

Why Did RentalWise Integrate with Dtravel?

RentalWise is dedicated to leveraging their industry expertise and experience to help transform the businesses of short-term rental operators, property managers, and distributors from around the world.

This aligns with Dtravel’s role as a technology provider that is focused on empowering property managers to easily build direct booking businesses which provide greater control, less fees for guests, and better experiences for both operators and guests.

Given the ease of using Dtravel’s OpenAPI, RentalWise decided to build their own integration, enabling their entire user base to take advantage of Dtravel’s direct booking infrastructure.

Bryan Leblang of RentalWise commented, “The decision to work with Dtravel and build to the Dtravel Open-API helps to continue RentalWise's goal of providing our community with the best tools and integrations to manage and distribute vacation rentals.

RentalWise provides homeowners and managers traditional and cutting-edge tools, channels and integrations to help drive more revenue. Our new Dtravel integration now brings crypto checkout to our community of property owners while also providing unique features like smart contracts.

We are excited to be on the forefront of all things vacation rental tech, and look forward to pushing the boundaries together with Dtravel.”

If you’re a property manager or a vendor who doesn’t currently have a connection to Dtravel, you can gain access to the Dtravel OpenAPI here.

Why is a PMS Required to Connect to Dtravel?

To use Dtravel’s technology, properties must currently be managed by a PMS. Our intention is to make using Dtravel as seamless as possible without disrupting day-to-day operations. Connecting through a PMS enables you to easily activate Dtravel without the painstaking process of manually completing listing details for each property.

Additionally, a PMS also helps you avoid issues related to double bookings or calendar availability issues when using multiple booking channels.

When a guest books your property on Dtravel, you receive TRVL rewards, our web3 native ecosystem token. By holding TRVL, you not only have a voice in the future direction of Dtravel, but also gain access to a growing segment of digital nomads and crypto travelers through web3 demand channels.

To get started with RentalWise, sign up for a free 14-day trial. Once registered, follow these steps to connect your properties to Dtravel.

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