Empowering Community Ownership: A New Chapter in Dtravel's Decentralized Journey

Community members can exercise their voting rights to influence Dtravel's roadmap and weigh in on proposals that impact the broader TRVL ecosystem.

Empowering Community Ownership: A New Chapter in Dtravel's Decentralized Journey

Introduction: Participate in TRVL Governance

What makes Dtravel different is our vision to empower ownership in travel. We laid the groundwork for our vision by first building a robust product and fostering a community of satisfied property managers and owners who recognize the pivotal role Dtravel plays in the success of their vacation rental businesses.

Today, we’re excited to share that we’ve reached a pivotal milestone. Our community members will now have the opportunity to actively participate in decision-making.

Community members will be able to exercise their voting rights, influencing Dtravel's roadmap and weighing in on proposals that impact the broader TRVL ecosystem using Snapshot. This is a testament to our commitment to putting the community at the heart of our journey.

We’re immensely grateful to our early community members who have been instrumental in shaping our product. In recent times, an increasing number of short-term rental operators have discovered the value in what we offer and have joined our community, sharing our vision for a decentralized future in vacation rentals.

What is Snapshot?

Dtravel will be using Snapshot to enable TRVL governance. Snapshot is a voting platform that allows DAOs, DeFi protocols, or NFT communities to vote easily and without gas fees using the tokens that are held by community members in their wallets, even if those tokens are staked. It’s free to use Snapshot.

How does Snapshot work?

There are three key elements that are involved in the voting process: spaces, proposals and votes. Proposals and votes are associated with a space, in this case the TRVL space. To start, only the core team will have permissions to submit proposals but we will be enabling community members to put forth proposals in the near future.

Have an idea you’d like turned into a proposal? Community members can contribute suggestions for proposals in Discord, which can lead to the creation of a proposal by the core team.

Why is Dtravel and TRVL using Snapshot?

Snapshot is the most commonly used tool for governance and voting for web3 projects. It allows community members to easily vote on proposals by verifying they have the voting rights to a specific proposal which can be just tokens or a combination of tokens and another requirement such as having your digital wallet address whitelisted.

TRVL Snapshot Space

The TRVL Snapshot Space is dedicated to proposals involving:

  • Dtravel Protocol
  • TRVL ecosystem growth
  • Dtravel ecosystem growth
  • Community Treasury funded initiatives
  • Community Growth Fund funded initiatives

Examples of TRVL Snapshot Space proposals:

  • TRVL reward programs, liquidity and growth initiatives
  • New Dtravel ecosystem TRVL token utility
  • Dtravel Protocol Representative Council voting
  • Dtravel Protocol economics configuration

Dtravel Direct Snapshot Sub-space

The Dtravel Direct Snapshot Sub-space is dedicated to proposals involving Dtravel Direct. In order to participate in Dtravel Direct related proposals, you must hold a balance of 500 TRVL and be a current Dtravel Direct customer.

Examples of Dtravel Direct Sub-space proposals:

  • Adding a request to book feature
  • Incorporating a subscription payment model
  • Empowering operators to use TRVL as guest loyalty rewards
  • Setting a minimum night stay for manually created listings

How do community members use Snapshot for voting?

  1. Visit the TRVL Space: https://snapshot.org/#/trvl.eth
  2. Click the Connect wallet button in the top right corner.
  3. Connect with the wallet provider where you hold your TRVL tokens (either ERC20 or BEP20).
  4. Select the active proposal you’re interested in.
  5. Select the option(s) you want to vote for (the voting systems can vary from proposal to proposal).
  6. Click the Vote button and sign the message via your wallet provider when prompted.
  7. You’ve now contributed to TRVL governance 🎉.

How can community members get TRVL to vote?

There are many ways that you can get TRVL to vote.

1. Purchase on centralized exchanges:

2. Purchase on decentralized exchanges:

3. Become a Dtravel Direct Customer:

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