Global Directory For Digital Nomad Meetups, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Groups

Access a free list of all the digital nomad community meetups, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram Groups in the most popular digital nomad destinations around the world.

Global Directory For Digital Nomad Meetups, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Groups

Are you a digital nomad constantly on the move, exploring new cities and countries, and looking to connect with like-minded individuals along the way? Well nomad or not, you’re not alone!

We at Dtravel are a team of digital nomads ourselves and inspired by websites like, wanted to put together an extensive resource consisting of the most active digital nomad Meetups, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram groups from around the world.

The best part? It's completely free!

Global Directory For Digital Nomad Meetups, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Groups

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Without further adieu, we’re excited to introduce the Global Digital Nomad Directory, your passport to connecting with digital nomads the minute you land in a new city!

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Digital nomad community WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook groups
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Digital Nomad Community Groups for Accomodation, Coworking, Social Activities, Hikes, Rentals and More!

Looking for short and long-term accommodation rentals, coworking, social activities, yoga and hiking buddies? Want to know the best places to work remotely in the most popular digital nomad cities?

Global Directory For Digital Nomad Meetups, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Groups

Digital Nomad Cities - Meetups, WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram Groups

Here’s a small snapshot of the most popular cities included:

🇹🇭 Bangkok, Thailand

🇭🇷 Zagreb, Croatia

🇰🇪 Nairobi, Kenya

🇭🇷 Split, Croatia

🇵🇹 Ericeira, Portugal

🇲🇾 Penang, Malaysia

🇵🇹 Lagos, Portugal

🇵🇹 Lisbon, Portugal

🇪🇸 Gran Canaria, Spain

🇰🇷 Seoul, South Korea

🇵🇱 Warsaw, Poland

🇹🇭 Ko Phang Ngan, Thailand

🇵🇱 Krakow, Poland

🇹🇭 Chiang Mai, Thailand

🇵🇭 Cebu, Philippines

🇭🇺 Budapest, Hungry

🇪🇸 Fuerteventura, Spain

🇨🇿 Prague, Czechia

🇮🇩 Bali, Indonesia

....and much more included in the directory!

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Even though we managed to compile a fairly impressive list, we’re nowhere near finished. We’ll be adding new groups as we discover them.

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Thank You Digital Nomad Community

Huge thank you to all those who actually made this incredible resource possible. We couldn’t have compiled this list without all the dedicated moderators who started and kept these thriving communities alive in the first place. So thank you!

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