Grow Direct Booking Site Traffic with Google Vacation Rentals

You can now create a direct booking site powered by Dtravel Direct simply by importing your Airbnb listings plus get your listings in front of more travellers with access to Google Vacation Rentals!

Grow Direct Booking Site Traffic with Google Vacation Rentals

Calling all Airbnb Hosts — it's time to enter the world of direct bookings! We’re excited to announce that vacation rental operators and property managers can now create their own beautifully designed direct booking site in just a few minutes with Dtravel Direct simply by importing their Airbnb listings. That’s not all. Once you’re set up, your directly bookable listings will be eligible for distribution through Google Vacation Rentals. Yep, direct bookings powered by the world’s largest search engine.

Over the last year and a half we’ve been laser focused on accelerating the global adoption of direct bookings. First, making it easier for operators to create a booking site. And now, supporting these same operators with getting direct bookings by making it easier for travelers to discover these independent booking sites. By the way, we’re not stopping at Google Vacation Rentals. We have more distribution channels planned, including one we’re building for travelers to easily discover any directly bookable listing (even if it’s not a Dtravel powered direct booking site)!

Without further adieu, let’s get into why this latest update is so important.

Dtravel is Democratizing Vacation Rentals

Over the past 15 years, Airbnb has completely revolutionized the short-term and mid-term rental industry, popularizing the idea of staying in someone's home instead of a hotel. Fast forward to today, most vacation rental operators rely completely on Airbnb to support their business. As we’ve seen time and time again, putting all your eggs into one basket can pose a significant risk to your business.

Being able to accept bookings directly instead of through a third-party not only reduces the fees associated with a stay for both operators and travelers, but it provides the underlying business with greater control over their future success.

Just like Shopify enables anyone to sell online, democratizing e-commerce, Dtravel is lowering the barriers to travel, giving anyone the opportunity to run a hospitality business independent of intermediaries. Every Airbnb Host should have their own direct booking site, not necessarily to leave Airbnb, but to diversify their business, reduce the reliance on third-parties and make more money.

Take Control: Create a Direct Booking Site by Importing Your Airbnb Listings and Start Growing Profits

Dtravel Direct is the industry's most advanced direct booking website builder. Vacation rental operators and property managers can create their own booking site in under five minutes simply by connecting their PMS or Airbnb account.

Our latest update accelerates the time it takes to create a directly bookable listing for those operators who do not use a PMS. Previously, operators not using a PMS needed to create each listing for their booking site manually, which can take a significant amount of time for those with 20+ properties, and now no matter how many properties you have, you can create a direct booking site in just minutes.
Get started in under 5 minutes: Create a Site

Create a vacation rental site for your Airbnb listings
Create a Dtravel Direct Booking Site by importing your Airbnb listings

Here's What You Can Expect from a Dtravel Direct Booking Site

With a Dtravel Direct booking site you have complete control over your booking terms, policies and payouts. When a guest places a booking on your site, the payment is sent directly to you instead of being processed through an intermediary like Airbnb. You can boost your conversion with discount codes and diverse payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, Book-Now-Pay-Later and cryptocurrencies.

Avoid double bookings or issues related to calendar synching and ensure all your booking channels talk to each other when you connect your Airbnb or PMS account to your Dtravel Direct booking site.

Booking sites powered by Dtravel Direct offer the ability to bolster your digital marketing and track your online performance with Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations.

Enjoy peace of mind with a $5M Damage Protection Plan and free Guest Screening just for Dtravel customers. Take complete control over your vacation rental business, increase bookings and grow your profit potential with Dtravel Direct.

Dtravel Direct doesn’t have any expensive set-up fees, or on-going monthly subscriptions. Our pay-as-you-earn model is based on a small 3% transaction fee. This means you can have your own professional booking site and scale on your own terms without incurring additional monthly expenses.

Lastly, what makes Dtravel Direct unique over every other vacation rental website builder in the market is the ability to earn universal rewards. Every booking processed through your Dtravel Direct booking site earns you 3% in TRVL rewards, Dtravel’s native ecosystem utility and governance cryptocurrency token. Unlike your traditional loyalty rewards programs, TRVL can be used both inside and outside of the Dtravel ecosystem.

Access More Travelers than Airbnb with Google Vacation Rentals

We mentioned at the beginning of this article that we’re working on innovative ways to help vacation rental operators and property managers drive more direct bookings. We’re excited to announce that we’ve just completed an integration with Google Vacation Rentals, bringing us one step closer to democratizing direct bookings!

Google Vacation Rentals is a metasearch engine that delivers bookable listings directly to travelers when searching for accommodation via Google Travel, Google Maps or Google Search.

Access to Google Vacation Rentals has long been gated (either by expensive PMS subscriptions or direct integrations), especially for smaller property managers. By removing the barrier to Google Vacation Rentals, we can empower operators previously dependent on online travel agencies (OTAs) like Airbnb, and VRBO with a new way to capture bookings without giving up control or paying exorbitant commission fees.

As of this week, any operator with a Dtravel Direct booking site has access to the largest search engine in the world, Google Vacation Rentals, at no extra cost.

Maximize your bookings and ensure your listings are discoverable through Google Vacation Rentals by creating a Dtravel Direct booking site today:

Create a Site

How to Get Listed on Google Vacation Rentals with Dtravel Direct
Access Google Vacation Rentals with Dtravel Direct

The Benefits of Getting Listed on Google Vacation Rentals

Getting your listings to appear within Google Vacation Rentals search results is not easy. That's why we worked hard to bring this integration to life. As a property manager, you either need to apply for a direct connection to Google Vacation Rentals yourself via API or pay to use a PMS (Property Management System) that also has the integration.

Google Vacation Rentals offers many benefits to property managers with a direct booking site, which if you’re a Dtravel Direct customer, you can now take advantage of:

  1. Increased listing visibility and discoverability by travelers searching Google
  2. No cost to having your directly bookable listings appear in results
  3. A potentially large amount of free traffic coming to your booking site
  4. Ability to capture emails and remarket to guests via Facebook Ads
  5. Listing visibility alongside big name brands builds trust and credability
  6. Generates qualified traffic ready to book vacation rentals

How Does the Google Vacation Rentals Verification Process Work

As long as you’ve created a Dtravel Direct booking site and followed all of the steps in the onboarding guide then your listings should be eligible for Google Vacation Rentals.

The verification process is on a per listing basis and can vary from 2 - 4 weeks.

Please double check the list of requirements below:

  1. Listing is active and bookable
  2. At least 8 photos
  3. Complete address
  4. Stripe account has been connected

Google Vacation Rentals is the first of many direct booking demand channels we will be offering to Dtravel Direct customers. If you haven’t already done so, create a Dtravel Direct booking site so that your listings will appear in Google Vacation Rental results as soon as they are verified by the team at Google.

Summary: Get More Bookings with Dtravel Direct Booking Site and Google Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental landscape is changing which is why it’s more important than ever for vacation rental operators and property managers to leverage innovative ways to drive more direct bookings.

This is where Dtravel Direct comes in. With our latest product update, you can now create a beautifully designed direct booking website tailored to your brand in under 5-minutes simply by importing your Airbnb listings. Even if you’re not a marketing wiz or are unsure how to drive your own bookings, we’ve got you covered. Not only are we constantly providing tips and strategies to market your directly bookable properties, but we’re focused on providing solutions for the more passive operator such as our Google Vacation Rentals integration, giving you access to the traffic potential offered by the world’s largest search engine. Google Vacation Rentals is the first of many Direct Distribution options planned for Dtravel Direct customers so stay tuned as we’re already hard at work on the next one!

Take the direct booking leap today. Import your listings in minutes, amplify your brand, and tap into the world's largest search engine. The vacation rental world is changing fast. Don't get left behind.

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