The Dtravel website received an update to better communicate what Dtravel is, the future we are building toward and who we are serving.


We believe that a rewarding travel experience begins with direct connections. From booking vacation rentals without intermediaries to building tight knit relationships away from home, our mission at Dtravel is to create a foundation for direct connections through user friendly on-chain products.

In support of our mission, we decided that a refresh of the Dtravel website would better communicate what Dtravel is, the future we are building toward and who we are serving. We couldn’t be more excited for you to join us on this journey as we introduce this living roadmap of how Dtravel is solving many of the problems facing the travel industry today.

A Complex Ecosystem

One of the problems with our previous website was that we were trying to speak to everyone all at once. This often resulted in newcomers comparing Dtravel to a decentralized Airbnb.

Even though we’re focused on accelerating the global adoption of direct bookings, we’ve purposely avoided creating another marketplace. Instead, we’ve decided to build individual components that will first enable property managers to create their own vacation rental site so that they can operate their business independent of online travel agencies (OTAs). With this supply-side infrastructure in place, we’re now able to focus our efforts on the reputation and search tools necessary in making the discovery and booking of a short-term rental as friendly of an experience as today’s most centralized platforms.

As you can imagine, there are many moving parts to the Dtravel ecosystem. From integrating with the leading property management systems in the industry and ensuring we set vacation rental operators up for success to providing travelers with tools that will enrich their experience and connect them directly to their next stay, presents what is currently live and what we’re building toward on a daily basis.  

Decentralized Travel

In order to create a decentralized travel ecosystem that empowers ownership, it was necessary to clearly outline how we’re serving each stakeholder involved. With our new website you can explore the various profiles, learn about our products live today as well as what is currently in development.

To achieve complete decentralization, TRVL, our native utility and governance token, will be required of all participants in order to access and maintain the Dtravel ecosystem. This is ultimately where we’re headed and how we plan to empower the community with leading the future direction of Dtravel.

Currently, Dtravel consists of three primary stakeholders: property managers, travelers and software partners, all of which are bound together by TRVL and make up the community as a whole. Explore these profiles by clicking through to the individual landing pages before gaining an overview of the entire Dtravel ecosystem.


A fast follow to our latest update will be the addition of multiple litepapers outlining in detail each component of the Dtravel ecosystem and how TRVL empowers the participation of property managers, travelers, builders, community members and service providers alike. In addition to the litepapers, we will be rolling out ambassador and governance programs which will be focused on fulfilling our vision of creating a community-owned travel ecosystem.

We look forward to updating you as soon as these improvements are made. In the meantime, we invite you to explore the new Dtravel website and provide any feedback you may have in our Discord or Telegram channels.

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