Community owned
home sharing

Over 50% lower fees than other home sharing sites. Governed by hosts and guests.

Hosts get more

With the lowest fees in the industry, you keep more of what you earn. Whereas similar platforms charge up to 20% per transaction, Dtravel only charges 7.5% (with 0% for hosts)!

Expected monthly bookings

Other platformsDtravel
Gross bookings$0$0
Platform fees-(0)-(0)
Net monthly revenue$0$0
Additional monthly earnings+$0

Let’s share our success

To demonstrate commitment to community participation, we are giving away $35,000,000 in TRVL tokens to hosts.

Dtravel is connected by the TRVL Token

TRVL gives holders voting rights in Dtravel. All hosts get TRVL and its benefits include better search positioning, value added programs, and the ability to vote on important platform decisions.